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The Rizal Law as mandated has only come to my knowledge at this present time.
The mere fact that I, among others is unaware of this certain law is quite jarring, as for
my judgement alone. A commentary on the Philippine Daily Inquirer even questioned
how the national hero is permeating and leaving its dent in the lives of the Filipino. The
Rizal Law is geared towards building a sense of nationalism and patriotism among
Filipinos. It proposes that there is a need for a re-dedication to the ideals of freedom
and nationalism.
His writings shall continue to transcend time and will continue to make its
presence felt in Filipino literature. As a youth of today, we have been called forth to tie
our writings with the reading of history. And with this call, we must be able to look into
classic literature and among these are the two novels he wrote. These two pieces of art
may even be deemed as classic literature. The Rizal Law is failing to accomplish
instilling nationalism in the youth of today.
I believe that there are so many avenues as to how Filipinos could foster a
certain sense of nationalism and patriotism today without having to dig into the Rizal
courses any longer. The people back then, particularly the elite have been manipulating
how Rizal is perceived in order to serve their own intentions and benefit. But in all this,
the truth of the matter is that the law exists and it will still probably remain and persist
through time.