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The Life and Works of Rizal is a subject mandated by the law that is a must to be taken up in college

taken up in college. This subject is important for us; the student’s to be able to understand
thoroughly may it be social, historical, cultural, ideological context of the subject itself.
In the country Philippines, culture, traditions, beliefs of one’s region are important.
We may not be part of the same tribe but we are encouraged to empathize such practices.
As to the subject Life and Works of Rizal, Rizal as to where the subject revolves at, is one of
our greatest National Hero harnessing such bravery and at the same time strength made
for a thousand people visible through his strong dedication of his writings.
He is best personified of the metonymic adage "pen is mightier than sword" for he
means that ideas that are expressed in writing can be much more consequential than
violence. His words can influence and inspire countless people, his strong leadership
contributed to the accomplishment of the victorious goal of attaining the rights of the
Rizal was the founder of Philippine Nationalism and contributed much to the
current standing of his nation, it is necessary for us the youth to dig deeper not just the
youth but all the people in the nation to know about and to learn to imbibe to the
substantial ideas for which he died.
In conclusion, the subject itself wanted us to absorb and to pay attention to our
national hero for sacrificing his life and works in molding the Filipino character. Lastly,
because of the lessons that are within the course itself. Particularly to recognize and
remember the ideals and his teachings in relation to the present conditions and situations
in the society today.