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As a student going to school is the most exciting part of our day but not until
COVID-19 came. It is an infectious disease cause by the virus that can spread from
person to another person through tiny droplets when the infected person coughs, talks or
sneezes. This pandemic has affected everything in various aspects and sectors. It greatly
affects our economy, a lot of businesses were shutdown, rates of unemployment went
high and also one of the sectors that are severely affected was education. It was given a
considerable importance for Filipinos. Since the cases of Covid-19 begun to rise here in
the Philippines, the government became quite vocal about their plans for education
despite the pandemic. Government decided to have temporarily closed educational
institution in an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid-19. In response to school closures
they decided to move classes online and/or modular. They ensured that the pandemic
can never be a hindrance to learning through distance learning. But not every student has
the ability and capacity to cope up easily in their lessons, therefore, most of them could
have lower grades than they should have in the face to face class system. The distance
learning also bring stress and mental issues that is not good and helpful for the students.
In this new mode of learning many students struggle in different ways, such as lack of
gadgets is one of it, lack of internet connectivity, group works are more challenging than
face to face, the students must study their topics by themselves, the communication
among students and teachers are limited, some students are forced to do something that
they don't understand. The modular learning also require parents more guidance to their
own children. This means that parents, themselves must answer the questions that their
child can’t understand well.
Through this website, it will bring awareness about students having mental health
issues such as anxiety and depression because they find it difficult to keep up with this
kind of learning which is part of the new normal caused by this pandemic. This will help
them to have sufficient knowledge on how they will make their distance learning in their
own way effective. It can also help them have a better knowledge of how important
education is.