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300 words Draft
How does online/virtual learning impact students?
The topic of discussion if virtual learning is equally impactful on students or not seems
interesting. Though technology is an all-time blessing. Technology has transformed not the way
we live, entertain, communicate but also transformed the way how we study. The sudden onset
of global pandemic Covid-19 has brought the whole world to a pause. People are limited to their
homes to stop the spread of the virus.
Though schools and colleges are closed down, the concept of online education gained
tremendous popularity during the social distancing pandemic. But the concept of virtual learning
existed before too but students and the parents were reluctant to pay fees for online tutoring. But
today the virtual learning in the pandemic allowed students to pursue their studies from the
comfort of their dwelling while staying safe.
Virtual learning is found to have a great call for motivation and self-discipline than traditional
learning. A virtual class at times one or multiple teachers who are responsible to teach the
students according to the requirements and let them allow for critical thinking by participating in
one-to-one question answers sessions with them. Virtual learning motivates students to set their
goals, tracking progress, and meeting the deadlines for due assignments. Research conducted
says that those students who sit alone for learning the new concept are left behind in comparison
to those who study in a group. In virtual learning, the students participate through multiple
discussion forums, email, and one-on-one support. Technology has the facility of visual
experience by using animations that can be used interactively for effective learning and
Just like a picture has two sides- a bright and a dark, similarly virtual learning has some negative
impacts on the learning of a student too that would be discussed in the essay.