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Connect Fixed and Growth mindset

Connect class: Term 3 FIXED and GROWTH mindset
We are always learning.
Our brain, our mindset can shift from fixed learning ( what we know and believe) to a growth
mindset that is, developing the skill of learning that help us develop and thrive.
(Dr Dweck, professor of psychology has studied fixed and growth mindset.)
“We have the ability to learn new things”
TASK 1: Watch the following clip
1. If I work hard I’ll pass
2. If I put my effort in it, then
it’ll get better.
3. If I learn hard I’ll surely pass
1. If talk to other friends and be
open and friendly I can make
2. I need to change the word
“fake” to “real”.
3. I need to build my trust in
order to trust any one else
1. If I work out or diet, I can
change my body shape.
2. I need to change the way I
see myself.
3. If I mange my time by
making a timetable of
everyday, then I can find or
make time to do anything I