Reading News From Mrs. Hassinger Room 200

Reading News
Mrs. Hassinger
Room 200
3rd Grade
Guided Reading
We have been
working to
develop a Growth
Mindset by
reading mentor
texts Stuck and
Your Fantastic
Elastic Brain.
We have also
been reading a
wide variety of
Reading Recovery
Remember to have your
students read the little books
that are sent home every day
in the reading pouch. This rereading of familiar books gives
your student the opportunity
to apply and solidify the
reading strategies learned in
lessons. It also helps build
confidence, fluency and
comprehension. Remember to
praise your child for good
effort: “I like the way you
worked on that word.”
Did you know…..
Our BIG IDEA in reading:
Reading is thinking.
An Essential Question:
How can we be more
thoughtful readers?
I work in both rooms,
daily, providing
additional support
with letter names and
sounds as well as
reviewing sight
words. These group
are flexible meaning
that they
consistently change
about every 3 weeks.
Growth Mindset
November Words
Effort: physical or mental
energy applied to a task
Flexibility: capable of change,
able to adjust readily
Mistake: an understanding of
what is not correct, incorrect