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Cell Organelles Study Guide

CH 7 A view of a cell Study guide
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1. Look at the projections extending from these two cells (Cilia and Flagellum). They are both used for
2. The organelle below makes ATP…AKA powerhouse of cell. What is its name?
3. Homeostasis is the maintaining of internal conditions. How does the cell membrane help maintain
constant internal conditions inside the cell?
4. Label the parts in this diagram. What does each part do?
5. List 3 organelles you would find in a eukaryotic cell that you would not find in a prokaryotic cell
(Check your Venn Diagram if you need help)
6. What is the job of the golgi apparatus?
7. This organelle captures sun’s energy and makes carbohydrates (sugar) for plants. What is its name?
8. What structure is found outside the cell membrane in some cells…like plants and bacteria?
9. What is the genetic material found in the nucleus that instructs the cell (control center)?
10-12. Below is a picture of a Rough ER. Use it to answer the questions.
10._________________________________________________ What are the bumps on ER?
11.______________________________________________Where in the cell are the small dots made?
12.___________________________________ What is the function of the small dots?
13-14. Look at the diagram below.
13. ____________________WHY?___________________________________________ Cell A is
prokaryote or eukaryote…why?
14. ____________________WHY?___________________________________________ Cell B is
prokaryote or eukaryote…why?
15. What are the differences between plant and animal cells?
Has Centrioles
For 20-32, Please tell which organelle is being described.
16.______________________ The structure in the nucleus which manufactures ribosomes for protein synthesis.
17.______________________ Cellular structure that regulates what enters and leaves the cell.
18.______________________ Organelles that store materials such as water, salts, and carbohydrates. They may
occupy a large space within plant cells.
19.____________________ Helps to support, strengthen and protect the cell. Not found in animal cells.
20.____________________ Photosynthetic organelles found in plant cells.
21._________________________ A system of channels that transport proteins through the cell. Has ribosome
attached to it.
22._____________________ The liquid inside the cell that all the organelles are suspended in.
23._____________________ Organelles which provide cells with energy by using sugar as a fuel source.
24.__________________ Contain chemicals and enzymes necessary for digesting certain materials in the cell.
25.__________________ A system of channels that manufacture carbohydrates and lipids and transport them
through the cell. Also gets rid of toxins
26._______________________ Organelle that collects, modifies and packages chemicals made at one location in a
cell and secretes finished products to be used at another cellular local.
27._______________________________ The organelle responsible for manufacturing proteins. (Be specific!)
28. ________________________ The information and control center of the cell. Contains genetic information.
29. Label the animal cell.
(Pointing to tangled DNA)
(Pointing to the
empty space)
(Pointing to the dot)
State the Cell Theory: