Cell Layer Book!

Cell Layer Book!
• Draw one organelle on one sheet of clear
paper, starting with the cell wall.
** USE a different color sharpie for each page
• Place the next sheet of clear paper over the
cell wall to draw the next organelle (cell
• Continue until you have a complete cell.
• Then, attach construction paper to the ends to
label the organelle and write a definition of its
function. (use your notes; write in sentences)
ADD a cover with “Organelles of the Cell” and
your name.
Colors and Order
*Be sure to draw the same color as the
construction paper! Working back to front
1) Cell Wall
2) Cell Membrane
3) Nucleus and its Parts
4) Cytoplasm
5) Mitochondria (white paper)
6) Endoplasmic Reticulum (both types)
7) Ribosomes
8) Golgi Body
9) Chloroplasts
10) Vacuoles & Lysosomes
**Inside the front cover, define ORGANELLES, SPECIALIZED CELLS, and
WRITE the ORGANIZATION of ORGANIMS (cell-tissue-organs-organ
system- organism)
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