Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles Matching
1. Cell wall
A. Moves material in the cell. Can be
smooth or rough
2. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
B. Green, chlorophyll-containing, plant cell
organelle that converts sunlight, carbon
dioxide, and water into sugar.
3. Ribosome
C. Structure that encloses, supports, and
protects plant cells
4. Nuclear Membrane
D. structure that breaks down large food
5. Mitochondria
E. Temporary storage of materials in a plant
6. Cytoplasm
F. Packages cellular materials and
transports them within or out of the cell
7. Central Vacuole
G. A protective covering of all cells that
regulates the interaction between the cell
and the environment
8. Golgi Bodies
H. Controls all the activities of the cell and
contains hereditary materials
9. Lysosome
I. Organelle that breaks down lipids and
carbohydrates and releases energy
J. Gelatin-like substance that fills the cell
11.Cell membrane
K. Small structure on which cells make
their own proteins
L. A protective covering of the nucleus
When finished, highlight the organelles that are only found in plant cells
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