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Process of Communication

Process of Communication
In addition, to the information I sent before I would like to add a few more
words. The communication process is a passage of information starting
at the Sender and ending at the Feedback.
The Sender is the person who lays the foundation by sending a
message. According to my understanding the message sent can be a
thought, idea, a picture or even a report. After Which he fixes the
message in a way that the receiver understands. Next we have the
message. The message is the information conveyed through words such
as speech, signs, symbols and so on. Now we are at the next step which
is encoding. Encoding is putting the message into an accessible medium
to accommodate the nature or form of which the receiver is in.
Channel refers to the way in which the message flows. The channel is
the way in which the message transferred from the sender to the
reciever. Receiver is a group or person in which the message is meant
for. The receiver may be a reader or a viewer. Decoding is changing/
converting into a comprehencible language. It basically means to
understand the message. The feedback is the last aspect of the
communication process, this is the message sent from the receiver back
to the sender. This is my understanding.