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Bullying at school

Bullying at school
Many adults like to say that school years were the best years in their lives. But I suspect that most of
them have just forgotten the details, and kept only pleasant recollection in their minds. In every
school and practically every class, there are children who are the targets of ridicule and sometimes
open bullying by individual children or even the entire class. Bullying is the mistreatment of a person.
Not only physical influence, but also mental. Children can find absolutely any topic about what you
can laugh at your peer. Because children are very cruel. They usually pick a weak person who can't
answer them. They these actions raise its self-esteem. They think it makes them look cooler. But I
think it's wrong. Each of us has flaws. Nobody's perfect.
Childhood is an important part of our lives that determines your future. After all, in childhood
develops the character of the child, to a large extent in school. Therefore, it is very important that the
school child felt confident, not afraid to express their opinion, to communicate with other children.
Children who in school experienced bullying in the future are insecure, depend on the opinions of
others, can not fully show their abilities.
They say that school years will pass and children's ргкеы will be forgotten, but I don't think so. And
childish hurts then grow into adult problems.