16 – 20 November 2015 th

16th – 20th November 2015
• To empower people to ‘Make a noise’ about
• To look at how bullying can impact people’s
• To look at reasons why people bully.
What is bullying
The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines it as:
“The intentional hurting of one person by
another, where the relationship involves an
imbalance of power. It is usually repetitive or
persistent, although some one-off attacks can
have a harmful effect on the victim.”
Thomas Thomson aged 11
• A distraught mother has claimed that
her 11-year-old son was driven to
suicide by bullies at his school.
• Thomas Thompson took an overdose of
painkillers after other pupils picked on
him because he was clever and wellspoken, she said.
• Sandra Thompson found her son in his
bedroom when she returned home
from work in the evening.
• Her partner, Geoff Clarke, tried to
resuscitate the youngster while
paramedics were called, but he had
suffered a fatal heart attack.
• Thomas is believed to be the youngest
child to take his own life because of
alleged bullying.
How can you
make a
Form Tutor
Head of House
Mr Boal
Mr Schofield
There is enough hurt and suffering in this world without us causing it in our school!
Don’t try to change people, change the world we live in, make it a better place.