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Lend some kind of visual effects to sb’s outfit : tôn lên trang phục của ai
I’m more/very/super into : cực kì thích
Take a nap = get some shuteye
Case in point = for example
Got on sb’s nerves : make sb angry
Get along with sb = get on with sb = hit it off = see eye to eye = hoà thuận/hợp
Go way back = to have known each other for a long time
To be on the same wavelength = cùng tần số, cùng quan điểm
To be on the rocks = to describe a relationship is in problem and may lead to an end.
Piece of cake = very easy
Break a leg = good luck (to somebody is preparing for showing something)
Hit the books = study hard
Look like a million dollars = look luxurious
Out of the blue = suddenly
Get the picture = understand
Cut corners = save aside but it means negatively = scrimp = costive = skimpy
The last straw ( that broke the camel’s back ) = the last thing that someone still can get up with or
Get up to = to do something, often something that other people disapprove of
Bury the hatchet = make peace
Better late than never = muộn còn hơn không
Wrap your head around something = understand something
Pull yourself together = keep calm again
Give someone the benefit of the doubt = believe in somebody
Cut somebody some slack = don’t strict somebody
Speak of the devil = when you speak somebody of the devil, it means you have just reminded somebody,
he or she appears
Pick on someone your own size = bully someone that equals to you. It means don’t ill-strict the weak
No pain, no gain
So far, so good = until now everything is still okay
Find it a chore to V = fine doing something useless and not worth
On the spur of the moment: without planning or preparation
Hear through the grapevine: to hear or learn of something through an informal means of
Drench in sweat: ướt đẫm mồ hôi
Feel chirpy = feel happy
Have a blast = have a whale of a time = have a great time
Over the moon = to be on cloud 9 = extremely happy
To feel bummed out about V-ing = feel sad/ disappointed
To be in the bad mood = be not in the good mood
Feel like a million bucks = feel in a very good health
Cut back on = reduce consuming something
Make something of oneself = be successful in career = get ahead
Off the top of your head = think of something immediately without preparation
Cool as a cucumber = very relax and at ease