McAfee's former girlfriend says the Internet pioneer is

McAfee's former girlfriend says the Internet pioneer is
'frightened for his life'
pioneer: a person who is the first to study and develop a particular area
of knowledge, culture, etc. that other people then continue to develop
intriguing : very interesting because of being unusual or not having an
obvious answer
unfold: to open or spread out something that has been folded
wound: a damaged area of the body, such as a cut or hole in the skin or
flesh made by a weapon
detain: to keep somebody in an official place, such as a police station, a
prison or a hospital, and prevent them from leaving
investigators : a person who examines a situation such as an accident
or a crime to find out the truth
beachfront: the part of a town facing the beach
grant: to agree to give somebody what they ask for, especially formal or
legal permission to do something
paranoid: afraid or suspicious of other people and believing that they
are trying to harm you, in a way that is not reasonable
apparently: according to what you have heard or read; according to the
way something appears
portrayal: the act of showing or describing somebody/something in a
picture, play, book, etc; a particular way in which this is done
harassment: behaviour that annoys or upsets someone
conscience: the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions
are right or wrong
authenticity: the quality of being genuine or true
compound: something consisting of two or more different parts
sprawl : to sit or lie with your arms and legs spread out in a relaxed or
awkward way
screen: to test or examine someone or something to discover if there is
anything wrong with them
fatally: causing or ending in death
residence: a home
ballistics: the study of objects that are shot or thrown through the air,
such as a bullet from a gun
launch: to start an activity, especially an organized one
groundbreaking: making new discoveries; using new methods
authority: the power to give orders to people
law-abiding: obeying and respecting the law