1. behaviors The way a person acts 2. emotions

Parenting Week 11 Vocabulary- Words of the Week
1. behaviors
2. emotions
3. healthy
The way a person acts
A strong feeling about someone or something
A good bond between a child and a parent or other
primary caregivers
The act of mimicking somebody, or an impression of
4. imitation
5. independence Freedom from being controlled by another person
6. individual
A specific person, distinct from others in a group
A hindrance that prevents a desired outcome
7. interference
Lack of confidence in a person or thing
8. mistrust
The totality of someone’s attitudes, interests,
9. personality
behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles,
and other traits that endure over long periods of time
10. relationships A significant connection or similarity between two or
more things, or the state of being related to something
11. self-concepts The way a person looks at himself/herself