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technical Requirements

The land has area of 1000 square meters which is located at Barangay San Roque Sto. Tomas,
Batangas. The floor area of the building is 580 square meters
locate our business for the following:
Plant Site and Building Facilities
Parking area
Stock area
Locker area
Production area
Rest area
Staff area
Utility area
Personal Protective Equipment
Hair net
A very thin net that can be stretched to the head to keep the hair in place
Face Mask
Used to prevent inhalation and dust particles for the workers
Used for industrial, domestic cleaning and handling process. It helps the workers to avoid hand
Vincity map of Intrallet Manufaturing Company along the Batangas
This figure show that the Intrallet Manufacturing Company is located at the Batangas province
Vincity map of Intrallet Manufaturing Company along the Philippines
The figure show the Intrallet Manufacturing Company along the Philippines