Should abortion be legal?
Should abortion be legal? This is one of modern society’s most controversial and
ethically debatable issues, which is becoming increasingly prominent in
contemporary social and political discourse.
There some reasons to be for the legalization of abortion. For example, some
people suggest to stop the pregnancy if there is a potential harm of woman’s health
or life, as even if a fetus has a right to life, potential human being tends to be
valued less than an actual human being. For sure, it would be better to save both
lives, however woman’s life in this case is more important. Moreover, some people
claim that disabilities of the fetus can ruin parents’ expectations of a child and that
may cause a harmful relationship between a parent and a child. Thus, such a life is
not worth living both for the woman and the child, therefore woman should not be
forced to give birth to a child with a serious mental or physical illness.
On the other hand, the abortion can end with severe complications for the
woman and even her death. Besides, abortion can lead to infertility or problems
with the birth of a healthy child. And if you make an abort you violate the norms of
morality, because killing embryo con compared to killing a person.
In my opinion an abortion shouldn’t be legalized, because despite of many
harmful after-effects to health you can not kill a living creature