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ppt free sex and abortion

Factors for Free Sex to Occur
Internal Factor
The desire to be understood and loved
Want to be exist in society by following sex trend
Lack in faith with their partner
External Factor
Negative influence from technologies
Lack of proper sex education
Lack of parental supervision
Wrong in choosing friend/partner
Drunk or unconscious
1. Physical Problems!
2. Danger of behavioral and psychiatric!
Become addicted to sex that often leads to risky behavior
so that they can satisfy the addiction!
Becomes reticent, unwilling to get along!
Diminished feelings of self worth, and self esteem!
3. Social Problem
Public won't accept them because they are seen was disgusting
and dirty morally and have break the social norm and values
Lack of social skill because they tend to be more secretive
Many affair may happen
Is the termination of human pregnancy done during
the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.
Abortion is illegal in most developing countries
including Indonesia but legal in developed countries
for “human rights” and “safety”
Why abortion is done?
Procedures of
(Video will be shown)!
Moral Values!
Abortion even though legal in
many places is wrong.
Because it is equal to
Couples should be
responsible as a consequent
of their free sex. !
The baby in the womb that
has formed is considered as
a life and he/she deserves
the rights to live (Human
Rights). Not the parents that
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