Absolutism and Reading Notes

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The Rise of Absolutism
World History (Jenkins)
Directions: Skim Topic 12, Lessons 1, 2, and 3 in the textbook to find information on the following
questions. Take notes on them, which may be used in a timed reading quiz tomorrow for which you
can use this note sheet. Work individually—do not copy answers from a neighbor.
1. What is absolutism or absolute monarchy?
2. What is “divine right” and how does it connect to it?
3. How did this lead to a “Golden Century” of art in Spain?
4. Who was Louis XIV? What does “L’état, c’est moi” mean and how does it summarize his reign?
5. What is Versailles? How did it help Louis build power?
6. What is “Prussia”? In what country is it now located?
7. Who was Peter the Great? How did he try to modernize and “westernize” Russia?
8. By 1750, what were the five greatest powers in Europe?
9. What happened when the Stuart dynasty of kings in England tried to embrace absolutism?
10. What is a Puritan? Who was Cromwell?
11. Which side won the English Civil War?
12. After Cromwell died, the “Restoration” brought back the Stuarts until the Glorious Revolution.
At the end of the so-called Glorious Revolution, to what did William and Mary have to agree
before being accepted as king and queen?