LOTF ch1-4 quiz

Lord of the Flies Quiz: Ch. 1-4 (94 points)
1-What does it mean to say that Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel?
2-What is Ralph’s first act upon being elected leader?
3-Which boy treats the “littluns” with the most kindness?
4-Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?
5-Who sees the ship on the horizon? Why doesn’t the ship come to the island to
rescue them?
6-Who is the first boy to disappear?
7-Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first signal fire?
8-How old are the boys on the island?
9-How did the boys end up on the island?
10-What is their main source of food? Why is this dangerous for the boys?
Describe what each person/object represents from the novel:
The conch:
The fire:
The “beastie”:
Piggy’s glasses:
Long Answer: Within the first few chapters we see the development of many
characters. We also judge some of them quite harshly without knowing much
about them. Choose a character and explain how they are important to the
dynamic of the island (i.e. how they fulfill a specific need of the tribe). Answers
should be 5-10 sentences.
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