Leading the future of electrification.

Industrial Solutions
Leading the future
of electrification.
Our comprehensive product and
service solutions touch all parts of
the electrical infrastructure across
these segments:
Oil and Gas
We offer efficient, reliable system design
to reduce unplanned downtime, advanced
technology for employee protection and
dedicated, ongoing support.
Data Center
GE solutions balance efficient power
and reliability for today’s data-driven,
24/7 world.
We provide electrical distribution, asset
availability and safety through high
performing electrical solutions.
Our safe, reliable and efficient
electrical systems distribute power
for buildings and factories worldwide.
Health Care
Customers worldwide depend on GE
to implement emergency critical power
systems to safely and reliably energize
their facilities 24/7.
Our solutions deliver precision power
control, conversion and backup serving
wireless and cable broadband
service providers.
With eight decades of experience
developing, installing and maintaining
systems, GE continues to deliver
products that offer reliability, safety
and performance excellence.
GE’s Industrial Solutions
Business Units
We’re creating advanced
global technologies that
safely, reliably and efficiently
distribute, protect and
control electricity.
Power Equipment
End-to-end electrical solutions to meet
our customer’s needs:
• L ow-Voltage Equipment: Switchgear,
Switchboards, Panelboards, Motor
Control Centers and Enclosures
• M
edium-Voltage Equipment: Switchgear,
Motor Control Centers and Vacuum
Circuit Breakers
• Power
Delivery Equipment: Power
Transformers, Cast Coil Transformers,
Low- and Medium-Voltage Busway
Critical Power
Broad portfolio of products and services
to ensure reliable, efficient power:
• D
C Power Systems: Large, Medium and
Small Power Plants
• AC Power Systems: Uninterruptible
Power Supplies (UPS), Automatic Transfer
Switches (ATS), Parallel Switchgear,
Surge Protection Devices
• E
mbedded Power: AC/DC Front Ends/
Rectifiers and DC/DC Non-Isolated Point
of Load and Isolated Bricks
Power Components
• 2
4x7 Services for Mission-Critical
Environments: Battery Maintenance,
Facility Audit / Solution Frameworks,
Retrofits, Tech Support and Training
Innovative technologies for a safe and
reliable electrical infrastructure, including:
• Air, Molded Case and
Miniature Circuit Breakers
• General Purpose Controls
• Load Centers
• Dry Type Transformers
• Safety Switches and
Industrial Services
Creating lifecycle opportunities with services:
• Power Delivery Services
• Parts Repair and Services
• Turnkey Project Management
• Consultation Services
A global team working
on what matters most
to our customers
GE’s Industrial Solutions engineers and
employees around the world work to enable
customers across various industries to
overcome their electrical distribution
and power challenges.
To learn more about
GE’s Industrial Solutions,
visit us at www.geindustrial.com
Industrial Solutions
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