Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your

Maximize the efficiency and
reliability of your power network
Integrated power distribution solutions for end-to-end
monitoring, control, and analysis of your entire network
Maximize the reliability and efficiency
of your power network
On average a
one-hour power
loss event costs
a data centre
$1 million, plus
a compromised
Energy costs now
consume up to
50% of a typical
data centre’s
operating budget
Solutions for data centres
Solutions for healthcare
For facility operators concerned about
the financial impact of escalating
energy usage, PowerStruxure offers
comprehensive, predesigned power
management solutions that include
the ability to verify and track PUE, the
industry standard energy efficiency
metric for data centres. Predictive
maintenance services help you with
ongoing operations issues like
battery maintenance, runtime
variations, and integration with fuel
.management systems.
For facility managers and site
electricians, PowerStruxure offers
automated solutions able to detect and
prevent power incidents that could lead
to patient risk and legal consequences.
A pass/fail report shows compliance to
.regulations and standards.
Unlike an error-prone manual test
approach, our solution ensures correct
testing methodology and detailed
.reports that reduce risk and liability.
A cement plant’s
electricity bill
can account for
up to 40% of its
production costs
An average facility
can save 10 to
20% per year
by eliminating
wasted energy
Solutions for buildings
Solutions for industry
For site managers concerned with
improving the financial performance of
their facility, PowerStruxure can predict
energy consumption with respect to all
relevant drivers.
For site managers, facility operators,
and head electricians looking to
improve availability and uptime,
plus enrich their facility’s reputation,
PowerStruxure provides key real
time, historical, and PQ information
dashboards, reporting, and control.
It converts data to the information
necessary for managers to establish
benchmarks for energy efficiency
optimization and to make informed
decisions to reduce their facility’s
energy consumption leading to
improved energy performance
for your building.
It also offers power management
solutions with preventative views into the
electrical infrastructure, to help mitigate
the events that put your whole business
at risk, and also provide visibility into the
cause of power system failures.
Components that integrate for
world-class, optimized, and efficient solutions
Tested, validated
and documented
PowerStruxure solution adheres to our ‘TVD’ process to ensure it meets
or exceeds your needs and expectations .
Tested: to assess all configurations in certified labs
. throughout its lifetime
Validated: to ensure it meets expected values
Documented: to ensure you consistently achieve expected results
PowerStruxure solutions are designed for compatibility so your installation is both
optimized and more efficient. Mechanical, electrical, and digital elements ensure
the entire system is modular and interoperable, for better continuity of supply,
enhanced safety for people and equipment, guaranteed upgradeability, and more
effective monitoring and control.
Real-time control and
monitoring software
packages are
designed to provide
energy information,
whenever and
wherever you need it.
These components
can connect to any
system using robust
Modbus protocols,
for high-integrity data
transmission even
in the most severe
Circuit breakers
Developed for a wide
variety of applications,
to improve electrical
system running time
and efficiency. Our
switchgear uses
breakers and
technology for vital
flexibility and reliability.
Provide flexibility
to help you meet
greater needs for
circuit protection
reliability. Integrated
and metering
capabilities allow direct
access to energy
management and
control possibilities.
Customer Care Centre: (852)2579 9699
Intelligent meters
Best-practice template
system architectures,
designed for your
business, to provide
consistent, reliable,
and verifiable results.
Maximize the power
infrastructure with highly
accurate, easy-to-read
data to identify energy
savings, increase
operational efficiency,
and reduce
energy costs.
Power factor
Contactors and
protection relays
Higher-rated capacitors
and state-of-the-art
switching devices help
improve your business
performance, increase
the lifetime and
reliability of electrical
devices, and reduce
voltage drops and
harmonics levels.
Our complete
range of contactors and
relays are designed
to protect against
equipment failure and
danger created by
voltage faults,
excessive loads, or
overcurrent conditions .