The United States and World War I

Things You Need to Know:
The United States and World War I
This exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions.
The Alliances: Be familiar with the
components of the following alliances:
• Triple Alliance
• Central Powers
• Allied Powers
Causes of War - 1914: Be familiar with
the following causes of war in Europe in
the summer of 1914 and their definitions:
• Militarism
• Alliances
• Nationalism
• Imperial competition
• Assassination of Archduke
United States Debates and Enters: Be
familiar with the following causes for
American debate and then entry into war
and the following changes on the home
• British Blockade (American reaction,
effect on trade, effect on German
• German submarine warfare
• Sinking of Lusitania
• Wilson’s hope for peace without
• The Zimmermann telegram
• The use of propaganda
• Changes for African Americans
• Changes for women
Battles and Challenges: Be familiar
with the following ideas and events:
• Characteristics of trench warfare
• 1918 German Peace Offensive
(reasons for and failure of)
The End of War: Be familiar with the
following conclusions to the fighting:
• Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (negotiated
12/1917, ending Russian
• Armistice (definition and date)
• Wilson’s plans for peace
o Peace without victory
o 14 Points for Peace: including the
end of secret agreements, arms
limitation, self-determination,
League of Nations to ensure
independence of all nations
o Allied reaction to Wilson’s plans
• The Treaty of Versailles
o The Big Four
o War Guilt Clause
o Reparations
o American rejection