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The Fourteen Points
• Read over points 1-5. Write down 1 sentence
for how each of these 5 points caused a
problem in WWI.
• No secret diplomacy: Alliance system caused war.
• Freedom of the seas: Lusitania, Unrestricted Sub.
• Remove tariffs, free trade: Britain blockaded
German goods. (Turnip Winter, 1915)
• Reduce armaments: new weapons of WWI.
• Adjust colonial disputes; try to end colonialism:
Imperialism that caused unrest in the Balkans and
• Wilson’s most vital point…
• He felt that a world organization could
oversee all of the international problems that
the war created.
Attendees at the Paris Peace
Woodrow Wilson, U.S.A.
David Lloyd George, Great Britain
Georges Clemenceau, France
Vittorio Orlando, Italy
known as “The Big Four”
Who is missing?
Results: The Treaty of Versailles
• Germany is punished by being forced to take
the entire blame of the war and pay
reparations to the allied countries.
• Most of the 14 points are discarded, including
the first 5 and #12.
• Wilson was very reluctant to agree to these
terms, but did so because the League of
Nations’ approval.
Treaty of Versailles continued…
• Sometimes referred to as “the politics of
• One of the major causes for WWII.