World War II Study Guide Causes of World War II

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World War II Study Guide
Causes of World War II
Key Question: What were the causes of World War II? Remember, these factors caused a
I-Increased unemployment
G-Great Depression throughout the world
H-High War debt owed by Germany (REPARATIONS)
T- Too much inflation
World War II Leaders
Key Question: Who were the leaders during World War II and what country did they lead?
1.Adolf Hitler-Germany
1.Franklin D. Roosevelt- United States
2.Benito Mussolini-Italy
2.Winston Churchill-Great Britain
3.Hideki Tojo-Japan
3.Joseph Stalin- Soviet Union
Direct Involvement
Key Question: How did the United States change from neutrality to direct involvement? Answer
each question.
Why was the United States practicing isolation at the beginning of World War II?: The United
States was focused on managing the Great Depression and there were many who did not want a
repeat of the events (legacy) of WWI.
What was the Lend-Lease Program: The United States provided economic aid to the Allies (war
supplies and old naval warships) in return for the use of military bases.
What finally pushes the United States into direct involvement?: The United States joined the war
after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
War in the Pacific
Key Question: Why did war begin in the Pacific? Answer the following questions.
Why did tension develop between the United States and Japan? Tensions rose between Japan and
the United States due to Japanese aggression in East Asia. The United States also placed an
embargo on Japan.
When did Japan attack the United States? On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States
at Pearl Harbor without warning
What was the result of the attack on Pearl Harbor? United States declared war on Japan
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World War II: Home Front
Key Question: How were Americans affected by the war in the United States? Name the 5 Aspects
of the Home front.
1. WWII brought an end to the Great Depression because so many workers were needed to
produce war materiel
2. Thousands of women took jobs in defense plants during the war (Rosie the Riveter:
Nickname for women who took jobs in defense plants) (WOMEN ARE STILL
3. Racial barriers were broken down (there was a need for workers in defense plants) but
discrimination against African Americans continued
4. Internment camps: Locations where Japanese Americans on the west coast were forced to
live because of distrust and prejudice. Many Japanese Americans served honorably in the
armed forces.
5. Americans at home supported the war by conserving and rationing resources.