J a p n

Japanese Aggression
1931 - Japan invades Manchuria
1937 - Japan invades China
– to obtain raw materials like coal and iron from China
– gain control of China’s vast trade.
Do not go into French Indo China
Europe was a little busy and all of her colonies were left
 Japan
1941-Invades Indochina
decided to conquer Southeast Asia, where war
materials were plentiful.
US, Dutch & Brits
– Japanese assets in U.S. frozen
– Crude oil embargo July 24
– Aviation gasoline added Aug. 1
Who is in the way?
Tripartitie Pact
Germany, Italy, and Japan
If the US attacked any of these, it was an attack on all.
The Plan
Imperial Admiral Yamamoto
– Plan to attack PH
Pearl Harbor is attacked!
Americans old enough to remember
the exact moment they heard Pearl Harbor was bombed
Many did not know
– where Hawaii was
– that America had military installations there
“A day which will live in infamy!”
The Sleeping Giant
– "We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a
terrible resolve".
Germany and Italy declared war because of the Tripartite Pact
 Read
– the Good Neighbor Policy
– Doolittle Raid