FDR Radio broadcast script

Good morning American citizens today a terrible event has occurred.
Today December 7, the Japanese bomber planes bombed Oahu in Hawaii.
They had attacked our biggest naval yard closest to them called Pearl
Harbor and we lost so many American souls this day. The empire of Japan
tried to make peace with us and we tried to make peace with them because
we didn’t want them attacking anymore of our Americans in South Korea
because they want to take more land for themselves. Japan was the only
country involved with the attack of Pearl Harbor. The attack on Oahu
involved Japan’s submarines, bombers, torpedos, and Kamikaze pilots.
Their main plan was to try to completely take down our Air Force and Navy.
Also they tried to take out our fuel supplies so we would be weakened for
months on end but the attack did not affect our fuel storage at all. The
Japanese may have hit us hard but they have not hit our hope and hope is
the only thing we need. We have the power and extra resources to
overthrow the Japanese since they brought the fight to us we will take the
fight straight back to them. The Japanese had killed many innocent
Americans on the island of Oahu. We plan on making them pay for what
the did to us that day we will make them all pay. The fight included many
losses because they had hit us while we were down and took us by
By:Jayden Hoch and Dylan Hertzog