Age of Imperialism Chapter 24 Reading Guide

Age of Imperialism
Chapter 24 Reading Guide
1. How was European overseas expansion different during the industrial era than during 16th
century imperialism?
2. How did the Europeans acquire empires in Asia?
3. Describe the Dutch experience in Java
4. Describe the rise of British rule in India and the consolidation of British rule there.
5. What was the interaction between the colonists and the indigenous people at the beginning of
6. Why did Europe attempt social reforms in their colonies? With what results?
7. How did the Industrial Revolution contribute to the growing need for colonies?
8. How did Europeans change the economies of their colonies?
9. When and how did the Europeans take Africa?
10. What are settler colonies? White dominions? Tropical dependencies? Give examples.
11. How did colonies with large European populations differ from other colonies?