1. What were the five main causes of WWI? ... Militarism: Countries prepared for war, so when Austria Hungary declared

World War I Study Guide
1. What were the five main causes of WWI? Explain (Think: MANIA)
 Militarism: Countries prepared for war, so when Austria Hungary declared
war on Serbia countries joined because they were ready.
 Alliances: Countries formed two alliances. The Allies which included Great
Britain, France and Russia and in 1917 the U.S. The Central Powers which
included Austria Hungary, Germany and the Ottoman Empire. When Austria
Hungary declares war on Serbia, everyone has to join in because they were
part of an alliance and they promised to help fight when needed.
 Nationalism: Is pride in your nation and you want it to be bigger and better.
You also believe you are better than others. Nationalism is a cause of WWI
because it made Princip, a Bosnian Serb, kill Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
because he wanted Bosnia to join with Serbia and thought killing the Arch
Duke would get him what he wanted. So, A/H declared war on Serbia to
protect itself and their Nationalism.
 Imperialism: The goal was to control colonies. Countries went to war to get
colonies and to keep other countries from taking theirs.
 Assassination: See “Nationalism.”
2. Who were the Allied Powers in WWI?
 British Empire
 France
 Russia
 Serbia
 Belgium
 United States (joined in 1917)
3. Who were the Central Powers in WWI?
 German Empire
 Austro-Hungarian Empire
 Bulgaria
 Ottoman Empire
4. What caused the United States to enter World War I?
 Unrestricted sub warfare: This means people on the boats/ships were given
no warning or time to get off the boat/ship before the torpedo destroyed
them. Germany first told America it would stop after the Lusitania, then again
after the Sussex.
 Zimmerman Telegram: This telegram was sent from Germany to Mexico,
requesting an alliance between those two countries. They promised to give
American land back to Mexico if they joined the alliance. The British
intercepted the telegram and informed the United States, who then realized
that Germany had no intention of keeping peace.
5. Why did the United States favor Great Britain and France during World War I?
 The USA had a common ancestry and the countries traded with each other.
6. Which treaty ended World War I?
 The Treaty of Versailles
7. Which organization was established to keep a long and lasting peace after World
War I?
 League of Nations
8. Who wrote the Fourteen Points of Peace?
 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson
9. What was the major reason President Wilson’s Fourteen Points failed?
 The United States Senate failed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles
10. What country had to pay reparations, give up land, and reduce their military after
World War I?
 Germany
11. What were some of the new technologies used in World War I?
 Gas Mask
 Tank
 Airplane
 Submarine
 Trenches
12. The League of Nations was considered to be like a baby because it had no
 Power
 Money
13. What is this cartoon about? Discuss out loud. Who is being ‘married together?’