Chapter 29 Sections Review 1. apartheid- 2. Marcus Garvey- 3. W.E.B. DuBois-

Chapter 29 Sections Review
1. apartheid2. Marcus Garvey3. W.E.B. DuBois4. Pan-Africanism5. Negritude movement6. Nelson Mandela7. African National Congress8. Ataturk9. List changes Ataturk made in Turkey
10. Why were countries like Britain & Russia interested in Iran?
11. Why did many Arabs feel betrayed after WWI?
12. Balfour Declaration13. Why did some European Jews choose to move to Palestine in the early 1900s?
A British advisor at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 made the statement: The Peace
Conference has laid two eggs-Jewish nationalism and Arab nationalism. These are going to
grow up into troublesome chickens.” What did he mean by this statement?
15. Why did Middle East and African countries expect independence after WWI?
16. Boers
17. Boer War
!8. How was Israel created?
19. How/why did the creation of Israel lead to conflict with Palestine?
20. Hutu and Tutsi-which group was the majority? Minority?
Which group did the Belgians claim were superior? Which group committed genocide?
21. Why did the UN and U.S. fail to respond to what was happening in Rwanda?