September 21, 2015 Dear Parents,

September 21, 2015
Dear Parents,
We are beginning a unit on the different cultures and traditions we observe in our
families. Today we talked about this and watched some videos about cultures around
the world. Then, each first grade teacher shared her culture and traditions to each class
in a variety of ways such as a mobile, poster, brochure, and a powerpoint. We had
some great discussions with these presentations.
We are now asking our students to make a product showing the culture and
traditions of your family. This will be their homework for the week. Your child may
choose anyway he/she wants to present this information, including such things as a
mobile, poster, powerpoint, brochure, flip page, scrapbook pages, or any other idea
you may have. Please feel free to help your child with this project. It is designed to be
a family activity to learn more about our cultures and traditions. They need to be
turned in this Friday, September 25th when your child will present it to the class.
Things you may want to include are how you celebrate different holidays,
birthdays, special foods, clothing, and language spoken in your home. Maybe you
would like to show from where your family and ancestors came and interesting things
about you family.
If you need supplies, such as construction paper, please write us a note and we
can send some home. You can draw your pictures or add photographs. Make this fun
for the whole family. We can’t wait to learn more about your child!
On another note, I sent home Scholastic book order form last week. If you
would like to order any, please either send the order form and cash or check back with
your child or you may order with a credit card online. My class code is written on the
forms. Deadline for orders is this Friday. Ordering gives your child more to read at
home and also helps me earn free books for our classroom. 
Mary Chancellor and the First Grade Teachers