Space Committee Meeting MINUTES August 6, 2014

Space Committee Meeting
August 6, 2014
Members Attending:
Shari Shuman, Jay Coleman, Joshua Merchant, Michael Kucsak,
Paul Mosley
Support Staff Attending:
Zak Ovadia, Everett Malcolm, Albert Colom, John Hale, Mary Mory,
Elizabeth Jones, Dan Endicott, Lance Taylor, Collin Waychoff
Project Timelines
Interfaith Chapel at the Sanctuary/Student Assembly Center
- Construction documents are 50% completed and will be reviewed by the stakeholders.
Skinner-Jones Halls North and South
- The structural evaluation for four floors has been received. The consultant has been
asked to summarize the options. A meeting with the steering committee is scheduled for
August 19th to finalize the occupants and the number of floors.
- Jay Coleman will follow up on the rat lab.
Aquatic Center Re-Purposing
- Barton Malow will be opening the bid packages today. Once the GMP is received next
week, they will be reviewed.
Elevated Parking Deck
- Construction is moving as scheduled. Completion is scheduled for January 2015.
- Everett Malcolm reported that UPD will be monitoring the area when the fall
semester begins for traffic issues caused by construction.
New Aquatic Center
- The draft of the program document has been received. The final document will
be prepared and distributed to the stakeholders for their review and changes.
Library Learning Commons
- A meeting was held on August 5th to discuss the scope of the project. A meeting
with selected team members will be held on August 7th to discuss reductions in
scope to keep costs within the budget..
Physical Facilities Warehouse
- Construction is underway. Everything is on schedule with substantial completion
scheduled for the end of November and move in December.
Gender Neutral Restrooms
- Top priorities have been decided and those restrooms will be converted as funds
are available.
Building 9 – 2nd Floor
- A plan to subdivide the open space on the second floor is under review. This plan
would accommodate Nofa Dixon’s space for the layout of her mosaic tiles and
the theatre rehearsal area to include two dressing rooms. A cost estimate is
expected on Friday from three general contractors.
PECO Request
- Shari shared the PECO request list. The next priority for UNF is Skinner-Jones
Hall South, Building 3.
Math Emporium
- There is a question as to whether the occupancy can be increased in the Math lab.
Once that is decided, conversations will continue regarding the project.
Confucius Institute
- The Confucius Institute will move into space on the second floor of Building 10.
If the space is needed for CCB in the future, we will have to find another space.