A 1 Exploring fact and opinion Section

Paper 1
Section A: Reading Response to Non-Fiction and Media Texts
1 Exploring fact and opinion
Student Book Page 14
2 Refer to the VO5 advertisement on page 13. Complete the following
chart to identify and explain the opinion being suggested by the words
in bold. The first one is done for you, with the explanation in short
note form as well. You can use this note form if you prefer.
What the words actually say
What the words suggest (connotation)
You need dream no more
A dream is usually associated with
something good – this implies that the
product will make your dreams come
Dream: us. assoc. w. s/thing gd. –
implies VO5 makes dreams come true
12 fantastic wash-in, wash-out
vibrant fashion shades
your hair will always look its shiny
costing just £5.25
unique money-back guarantee
The ideal choice