Student Name IEP 041 1/22/14

Student Name
IEP 041
Summary/Analysis #1
In Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I Have a Dream”, he talks about his dreams. First, he
wants all people to be treated equally, no matter what their color. Second, he believes in freedom and
justice. Third, he says that children should not been divided by color. Finally, he dreams that these racial
challenges will become easier, so that all people will be unified. Martin Luther King uses many rhetorical
devices in his speech to make it more powerful. He repeats the phrase “I have a dream” and emphasizes
it twice when he says, “I have a dream today!” The word “dream” is inspiring by itself, but in repetition it
takes on a poetic quality so that the audience wants to follow this dream too. His ideas and his rhetoric
in this speech, and in all of his speeches, made him a great leader.
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