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Centre number: CN625
Centre name: Ningbo International School
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Candidate name: Anisha Singh
Empathic response: You are Beneatha at the end of act 2 scene 3, write your thoughts.
It’s all gone. He gave away all of it. My brother gave away all the insurance
money, trying to make an investment with someone even Travis wouldn’t have trusted
with his most worn-out marbles. What’s going to happen to this family? And me? I’m
nothing now, my education…my dreams…my future. Nothing. It’s all gone.
Oh lord! I am so sick of brother, he way he behaves and makes choices like a nut
makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t even know what to say to him anymore. How
could someone give away all this money in a second, to a man that looked like he was
a good-for-nothing loudmouth. What was he thinking while making the investment
with six thousand five hundred dollars? Six thousand five hundred. That was Mama’s
money, Mama trusted brother with it, to put it in the bank, save it for the family… my
education…our new house…for all of our dreams. But they all are demolished now,
mine too.
I wonder if that man thought about any of us before giving away the money to
Willy, or was his own dream his only priority like always? He was foolish to do that
because he was so desperate to fulfill his dream that he didn’t even take the time to
think twice if what he was doing was right or not, if the man he was trusting was
dependable, if his family would like his decision. None of that. The only thing in his
mind was probably the liquor store. Nothing is above that liquor store for him, all day
long all I hear from him in this house is the liquor store, liquor store this…liquor store
that…oh god, I am so sick of it! He wants to be the man of the house and is always
complaining on how no one treats him or his wishes the way they should be treated.
Well he should know that there is a reason why we don’t uphold his dream. Brother
thinks that his dream will bring us all happiness but that ain’t the truth. The liquor
store might bring us money but that isn’t all of our dreams. He doesn’t understand that
not everyone thinks about money all the time, my priority is my education and future
job over many things, his own son has his own ideas that consist of more than just
money. Mama wants this family to be happy, for this family to have a house of our
own and live peacefully in it, the liquor store or the money from it will just be a
disgrace for her, no matter what. His own son be sleeping on a couch, his wife just
gets dejected day by day, his sister’s dream is being abandoned and all he thinks about
is his own dream. Only his own. A dream which consists of only money as if that’s the
only key to a successful life.
When I was small I saw an accident happen with a kid my age named Rufus. I
remember seeing his deeply cut face, covered with blood and thinking these were
Rufus’s last breaths. But the ambulance came in time and took him to the hospital and
Centre number: CN625
Centre name: Ningbo International School
Candidate number:
Candidate name: Anisha Singh
fixed him up. His broken bones, his cut face, and everything. I never got over this.
This was the power of a person, it showed what one could do for another. Fix them
up, make everything back to normal and help avoid discomfort. That’s when I decided
what I wanted to do- to cure. I wanted to cure. It was my dream. To help avoid the
misery of physical pain in someone’s life. I wanted to show myself that if I stay
dedicated to achieving anything, it can be as hard as saving lives and making a
difference in others life but it’s possible if I am committed in doing it. I used to care,
used to. Now it doesn’t even seem to be sensible to think of it.
My own point seems to be wrong and too far from reality for this world. This
world implies that its closely impossible for a woman of color in poverty to have a
dream of becoming a doctor. In this world a realistic idea of life for someone like me
would be to get married, have children and spend the rest of my life ignoring her
dreams and feelings and serving someone else. This isn’t what I want from life, I want
to have full filled dreams of my own that make me happy, but god knows if that will
ever be possible with such less money…such less because of brother’s foolish
One thought that keeps on coming to my mind is about Asagai, he does really
understand me. Maybe spending my life with him would be a good choice
now…someone who really understands me, cares for me and everything. He might
not have that money but that’s not all I want anyway. It would be so much better than
spending more of my life in this rat trap with nothing.
I still hope I’m wrong and our situation changes, even though a miracle would
be required for that. Everyone in this family has loads of wishes, all I hope now is that
we figure a way out of this problem together and find other ways to make our dreams
the reality of our lives. As tough as a dream maybe to accomplish, they should never
be deferred. There is still hope in all of us… just very limited I think.
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