Be the influence

Be The Influence:
What is Influence ?
How to influence someone and their
decisions ?
What is a dream ?
What are the responsibilities of parents to
their child?
How to encourage dreams
How to lead by example
Why is it important to be a good role model?
What is influence ?
This is the capacity to have an effect on the
character, development, or behavior of
someone or something or the effect itself.
How to influence your child and
their decision?
Influence is power. Did you know that
parents are usually the first persons a
child learns to trust? Parents and families
are the most important persons in
children’s lives. The many different
relationships people form over the course
of their life span, the relationship
between parents and child is among the
most important.
To influence your child you first have to
Lead by example – you do this by walking your talk ,
you become a person other want to follow .
Be truthful – Inaccurate representation affect everyone
around you. Show that honesty is the best policy.
Listen and Ask questions. You’ll receive valuable
insights and encourage healthy relationship with your
“ The biggest adventure you can take is to live the
life of your dreams”
- Oprah Winfrey
What is a dream?
A dream is a cherish aspiration, ambition or ideal.
A dream is a cherish aspiration, ambition or ideal.
What are the responsibilities of
parents to their child?
Parents must provide for the material and
spiritual welfare of their child. They must
inspire their children by their own exemplary
life and must never neglect to correct their
What do you want to be when you grow
up ?
That’s a question most of us if not all have been
asked some point in our lives growing up. We
would reply a teacher, a doctor, a bank
accountant or any other profession that we
thought was “COOL” – your child too. They too
dream of becoming someone spectacular one
How to encourage dreams
There are many ways to encourage your child or
children's dream.
Observe your child
Support your child
Engage you child
See the bigger picture
Observe you child
While observing your child you may discover some
hidden talents that you weren’t aware of .
For example, do your child take the lead when
playing? Are he/she good at trying to keep the
peace when a disagreement happens while
Support you child
Sometime the most difficult thing to do is supporting
them in pursuing their interest, especially when they
seem unrealistic.
Engage your child
You may ask, how do I engage my child?
Well you can start by simply talking to them about their
dreams and aspirations in life and finding out more
about your children.
You can challenge their thinking and perspective by
having discussions about what they observe around
See the bigger picture
It is important that we learn to recognize that
there is more than one pathway to success. Every
child is unique, with a special make up of
strengths and passions.
Forcing our children to fit in or comparing their
exam results with others won’t be helpful.
As leadership expert Warren Bennis once stated,
"leadership is the capacity to translate vision into
reality.” Great leaders possess dazzling
social intelligence, a zest for change, and above all,
the ability to set their sights on the things that truly
merit attention.
How to lead by example
Watch what you say. Actions do speak
louder than words, but words can have a
direct impact on morale.
Listen to the them. As parents , sometimes
we are consumed with providing directive,
giving orders, we forget to stop and listen to
what our children has to say.
Help them understand the value of resilience.
setbacks and disappointments may seem to
temporarily impede your child’s journey towards his or
her dream, but resilience is about empowering your
child to pick himself or herself up and try again.
Children have big dreams, but are sometimes too
scared to pursue them.
As parents and educators, we should inspire,
encourage and have confidence in our children.
Help your child realize that :
He or she can do anything-as long as he or she sets
his or her mind to it.
While chasing his or her dream can be challenging,
it is also meaningful and rewarding.
He or she should not let others discourage his or her
dreams by saying , “you can’t do this.”
Being a good role model
A role model is a person who serves as an example
by influencing others. For many children, the
most important role models are their parents and
caregivers. Children look up to a variety of role
models to help shape how they behave in school,
relationships, or when making difficult decisions.
If you're ready to step up to the plate, here are a few
ways to lead by example :
Be your best. When it comes to your kids, rolemodeling is everything. Your children pay attention to
everything you say and do, and they imitate your
words and actions. Keep in mind how easily they are
influenced. Be your best.
Be dependable. You don't want to raise a flaky kid
who lets people down -- so make sure to model
Check in with yourself. "Checking in" to evaluate your
own behavior is a beautiful practice -- and it's healthy
for your child to see and hear you doing it, too.
Be attentive. As children get older, they push for more
independence ("Mom, please don't come in my
room!") and that's to be expected. But as a parent,
your job isn't to be a "cool friend."
Start now. The habits that children develop at an early
age tend to stick with them as they grow older. Since
bad habits are tough to break, one of the best things
you can do for your children, from day one, is to model
behavior which positively shapes their character and
values, and equips them to live responsible, productive
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