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dreams week 2

Running head: DREAMS
Keiser University
All of my dreams have always been incredibly very vivid. Fact, they are all the time so
vivid it’s not until that I wake up that I do realized that most of the experience wasn’t real at all.
In this specific dream, I was driving tours a road trip, but can’t remember were to I was driving
very fast and the highway was super dark. But I wasn’t speeding but my car was going at a good
pace. It seemed to pass the other cars on the road with me relative ease. With every car that had
passed I was experiencing a euphoric wave and somehow, I felt this was going faster and closer
tours my destination. I never had clear where I was heading tours, I couldn’t see any type of
signs, also had no mile limit or any ramps it was just a highway with no ending. After that I
noticed started to snow in which I felt I had never driven before in the snow. I saw debris on the
road which forced me to make a complete stop, I got out of the car and saw parts of the road
damage and there was no way to keep going forward and had to try to find an alternative road. I
got back into my car, turn around and I was driving tours the oncoming traffic. I was flashing my
headlights, but this didn’t work because these drivers didn’t slow down for nothing. I was trying
to warn the other cars to not go that way, because there was no road, but nothing seemed to
work. Then I woke up from this dream.
Reading information about my dream could possible means that I’m headed in life in a current
good direction or path. Also said that depends how you felt in your dreams if you felt confident
about that dream or felt lost. I was feeling kind of both ways at the beginning I was confident,
then I started to get desperate and not knowing what to do. This could mean that is leading us
into trouble sometimes a road can be a symbol of many temptations or fear as well, fear of
missing something out. Also, since I was driving the car could also mean that or relates of how
much in control you are. I do feel all of my dreams and interpretations are accurate every time I
have a dream, I search to know what it could mean, and if it relays to my life. I believe the
meaning behind this dream is about my nursing career which I know it won’t be an easy road.
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