Essay Questions
Question No. 1
Write why you think you are a suitable person to be chosen to participate in this
program. Write within one page.
Question No.2
Answer one of the questions below within one page.
1. Tell us what you tried best in your life. It does not have to be a success story, but
tell us why and how you did it. What did you learn from it?
2. Tell us what you have been continuing to do in your daily life. How long and why
have you been doing it? How has it influenced you and other people?
3. Tell us about your future dream. What is the motivation for it and what have you
been doing. What is the next step to make it a dream come true?
4. Tell us what you are capable of creating; whether it is a product, software, art,
whatsoever. What motivates you to create it? Send us a relevant proof if possible
(for example: a photo, documents).