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Role Inventory Form
Position Specifications
Job Class:
Role Inventory Title:
Department Title:
Salary Grade:
Sub Department:
Reports To:
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Date: July 1, 2016
Family Definition
Health Services Definition: The members of the Health Services have specialized clinical knowledge in the field of medicine. All positions have
clinical responsibilities, and most have an advanced degree.
Knowledge of: In this job family range from basic medical training to a high level of specialized training in a narrow medical specialty and
regulatory compliance issues.
Skills and abilities related to: Treating patients according to scope of professional practice; training or educating patients with regard to specific
instruction from physicians and as per professional standards; supervision; providing clinical care or in-depth knowledge of specialized care;
applying specialized training for unique modality; participating in student clinical training.
In order to:
Ensure patient well being and safety
Ensure positive patient outcomes (i.e. patient education, training, rehabilitation)
Ensure clinical compliance
Supports the teaching, research and service mission of the institution
Profile Elements of Position
Functional Contribution and Research
Performance of Duties/
Project Responsibilities
Oversees technical specialty within the workgroup.
Performs technical specialty within established guidelines.
Provides and oversees care delivered.Reports results of services for the unit/specialty.
Independently integrates services from various areas (internal, cross functional, external) for the specific needs of a
This position has a Bachelors degree and a specialist in their field.
Procedures, processes,
and standards
Ensures compliance with policies and procedures.
Maintains patient confidentiality.
Recommends strategy for the workgroup that are aligned with organizational goals.
Provides information and input to others for developing and implementing strategies.
Relationships, Service & Community
Serves as a point of contact.
Provides technical expertise to others.
Communicates relevant information across, up, and down all organization levels.
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Revised 7/1/16
Temple University
Role Inventory Form
Profile Elements of Position
Receives direction from Manager or Supervisor
Communicates with patients, patients’ families, external health care institutions, primary care physicians, drug
representatives, managed care companies, etc.
Maintains relationships with discipline-specific regulatory agencies, professional organizations, and social service
Functional Team
Mentors other employees in area of specialty.
Acts as a liaison, conduit, sharing expertise with team.
Problem Solving & Innovation
Scope of Issues
Moderately complex problem solving within established policies.
May provide expertise to resolve issues, as requested.
Decisions typically have moderate impact on subunit or department.
Problem Resolution/
Resources Available
Anticipates problems, and makes supervisor aware of issues.
Operates with minimal supervision in clinical specialty.
Relies on peers, supervisor and established policies and procedures for resources.
Utilizes technical expertise in problem resolution.
Creativity and Innovation
Demonstrates creative and innovative approaches to problem solving.
Decision Making Impact
Context of Decisions
Makes decisions, within scope of professional practice, that impacts clinical care within a subunit.
Decisions may impact both internal and external relationships.
May prioritize subunit workflow.
May have budgetary responsibility limited to subunit.
May provide input into hiring, performance management, and termination procedures, as requested.
Leadership and Training
Professional Development Provides patient and staff teaching in specialty area, as directed.
and Training
May lead specialty area.
Technical Leadership
Demonstrates technical leadership in the provision of care and administration of subunit.
Ensures consistency and functional direction within subunit.
Team Morale/
Role Model
Leads by example and promotes organizational values by exhibiting professional demeanor and collegiality.
Key Departmental Functions
(capsule statement and basic task list from dept and prior version descriptions)
Profiling Related Dimensions
A. Supervision:
Will supervise other employees. May also provide direction to student workers.
B. Operating Budget range,
if Applicable:
C. Typical Education &
A Bachelors degree and three to five years of directly related experience. An equivalent
combination of education and experience may be considered.
D. Typical Equipment Used:
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Revised 7/1/16
Temple University
Role Inventory Form
Profiling Related Dimensions
E. Environmental
No adverse conditions.
Ability to speak clearly.
Ability to distinguish colors.
Ability to see clearly with corrective lens.
Ability to use hands to fingers, handle, or feel.
F. Expected Physical
Ability to reach with hands and arms.
Ability to work a computer for an extended period of time.
Ability to manipulate and assemble files.
Ability to operate standard office equipment.
Ability to work nights/weekends/early mornings.
Ability to work overtime.
G. Other Pertinent
Note: This description incorporates the most typical duties performed. It is recognized that other related duties not specifically
mentioned may also be performed. The inclusion of these duties would not alter the overall evaluation of this position.
University Compensation (JobClass Title Family Level)
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Revised 7/1/16