Accelerated Science Syllabus

Pershing M.S.
6th grade Science
Ms. Mendoza
3838 Bluebonnet | Houston, Texas 77025 | 713-295-5240 ext. 442 |
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
Welcome to Pershing Middle School! During this academic year your child will encounter a vast array of
experiences to enhance their educational growth and well-being. During the 2015 – 2016 school year,
your child’s science class will open pathways to explore their world in different perspectives. Students
shall learn to become analytical thinkers as well as critical thinkers and apply previous knowledge to
solve problems.
*Accelerated Curriculum*
Your student is currently enrolled in an accelerated science course for the 2015-2016 school year. This
course will cover science objectives from multiple grade levels at accelerated pace. All accelerated
students must maintain an average of 80 or better during each six weeks (as indicated on the report
card). Students who do not meet the grade requirements will be placed on academic probation.
Be Prompt: Students must enter the room, copy the agenda, be working on the warm-up quietly, and be
in their seats before the tardy bell rings.
Be Ready: Students must have their required books, supplies, agenda, materials, and homework ready
for use when the tardy bell rings.
Be Responsible: Students must follow directions, listen attentively, positively participate, and remain on
task at all times during class.
Be Respectful: Students must treat others and their property with respect and dignity.
Required Supplies
1- composition books
1- bottle of 4 oz. glue
1- 2 in. binder
1- handheld pencil sharpener
1- 1 glue stick
1- pack of at least 3 dividers
Teacher Wish List
1- Box of tissue paper
1- Roll of duct tape
1- Bottle of Clorox wipes
1- Roll of paper towel
1- Bottle of liquid soap
These supplies are due Friday August 28, 2015 (A day) and Monday, August 31, 2015 (B day)
Classroom Procedures
1. The student will enter the classroom quietly, turn in homework, and be in their seats before the
tardy bell rings. The student is to copy the daily activity and homework into their agenda.
2. The student is to read and write a response to the warm-up and wait silently for discussion on the
topic unless a question needs to be asked by the student. At that time, the student will raise their
3. The student is to actively participate in the class lesson for the entire period.
4. The student is to wait for dismissal from class by the teacher.
5. The student is to clean up and push under their chair before leaving the class in an orderly
fashion. The teacher will dismiss you.
6. The student is to have all materials necessary for the day ready and at the student’s seat before
the bell rings. This includes sharpening pencils and getting their book out of their locker.
Tardy Policy
Class time is valuable and students will benefit from being in class on time. Students who are tardy will
need to report to a tardy kiosk and their student ID will be scanned.
Traditional print material (McGraw Hill, iScience grade 6), web-based activities and hands-on
activities are used to explore science.
Refer to school policies in Agenda every day for any assignments. Take time to go over the
assignments with your child.
Grading Scale
6th Grade Science:
Quizzez/Informal Assessments
School wide tutorials will be offered Monday-Thursday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
6th Grade Science Teacher Contact:
Ms. M. Mendoza - [email protected]
(713)295-5240 ext. 442
Tear off this page and return to teacher.
Class Period __________
I have carefully read and discussed these rules, procedures, and guidelines for Ms. Salinas’s class. I will
honor them at all times.
Student Signature: ________________________
Date: ____________________________
I have carefully read and discussed these guidelines with my child. I understand it and support it.
Parent Signature: ________________________
Date: ______________________________