AP Statistics Name___________________________________ CW – Types of Errors in Testing

AP Statistics
CW – Types of Errors in Testing
Directions: Write sentences describing type I and type II errors for a hypothesis
test of the indicated claim and identify the consequences. Don’t forget to identify the
H o and the H A and define the parameter.
The USDA limit for salmonella contamination for chicken is 20%. A meat packing
company claims that its chicken falls within the limit. (Less than or equal to 20%).
A company specializing in parachute assembly claims that its main parachute failure
rate is not more than 1%.
A car dealer claims that at least 24% of its new customers will return to buy their
next car.
A study claims that the proportion of adults in the U.S. with rudimentary literary
skills is 21%.
A local chess club claims that the length of time to play a game has a standard
deviation of more than 23 minutes.