Chicken leg dissection
Safety concerns: There is a small possibility of getting Salmonella from uncooked chicken. Because of
this we need to take the following precautions:
Always wear gloves during the lab.
Never touch your mouth or face during the lab.
After the lab wash your hands with soap.
Clean off the desk with cleaner after the lab.
You will dissect a chicken leg and identify as many different types of tissue as you can. First, start by
reviewing the four types of tissues:
Epithelial Tissue – Things like skin, the linings of organs and blood vessels.
Connective Tissue – Cartilage, bone, blood, ligaments, fat
Muscular Tissue – Muscles
Nervous Tissue – Nerves
When you have identified a tissue fill out the table below with the information indicated.
Name of part (if known)
Describe the tissue
What type of
tissue is it?
What is its function?