Key for Lab 3021 Dissecting Chicken Parts Lori Chamberlain

Key for Lab 3021
Dissecting Chicken Parts
Lori Chamberlain
This lab will allow students the opportunity to see where chicken parts are
located using a whole chicken.
Upon completion of the lab each student will be expected to know the major meat
parts and identify on the chicken or cut up individually
Teacher preparation
The teacher will get a whole chicken (without feathers, head and feet attached),
trays or surface to cut chicken parts on, cutting utensils for 4-5 groups
Introduction to activity
Start with the whole chicken and reviewing the parts. Pass out diagram of
chicken parts and lab worksheet. Teacher will cut up major sections of chicken
then assign 4-5 groups each a different part to dissect. Each student will draw a
picture of the part they dissected in their group and list the not meat parts they
identified (veins, tendons, bone, etc).
Students will work in groups to cut up part and identify non-meat parts by using
their textbook and chicken diagram.
Each group will report to the class on the part they studied.