Activity (1) Pair Work Activity 14-5-1437

Activity (1)
Pair Work Activity
The activity is about (Describing Things)
 What size is it?
 What shape is it?
 What does it look like ?
The aim of the activity
 Helping students to practice what they have learned in the first
 Improving their listening and speaking skills.
The objectives of the activity
 Students become able to pronounce the words correctly
 They listen to each other attentively.
 They cooperate with each other.
 They become more autonomous and improve their selfconfidence.
Procedures of the activity
 I divided the students into pairs and gave each pair a piece of
paper on it there is a number.
 Each pair started applying the dialogue together.
 Each pair described its picture to their colleagues.
 Their colleagues started guessing which picture is.
 I encouraged them and applied the activity with one student.
 At the end I gave them thanks and appreciation.