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Essay factors of international travelling

There has been a significant increase in international travel over the last years due to the different
factors. However, is it methods of transport or global business which has contributed more to this
recent increase?
On the one hand, the introduction of the airplane as a method of transportation has had a great impact
on our lives which also brought some important changes. For instance, if in the past people used to
spend days or weeks to arrive at their destination, now it is only a matter of hours to reach whichever
part of the world. Consequently, more people these days are interested in international travel since it
became so convenient.
On the other hand, global business plays a crucial role in our increased interest in international travel
since more and more companies have offices abroad. While for some people communication via the
internet with overseas colleagues might be effective, many people would still prefer to travel and
meet with them in person. Indeed, it is widely believed that for establishing long-lasting relationships
in the world of global business, it is of the utmost importance to understand the culture and the
mindset of your colleagues, which is quite unachievable without the actual travelling to the country.
I strongly believe that the main factor which motivates people to travel more is their employment in
global business, which provides them with a wide range of opportunities so that they are generally
more wealthy and well-established than people not employed in this field. Having said that, I think
that global business not only compel people to travel for business affairs, but it also gives them a
chance to travel for pleasure as their income is high enough to do that.