January 24, 2013

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
JANUARY 24, 2013
Present: J. Anaya, F. Arce, T. Barbone, R. Bell, C. Fitzsimons, W. Garcia, C. Gold,
D. Goldberg, I. Graff, A. Grigsby, D. Hayden, T. Kyle, T. Lew, G. Miranda, W. Morris,
B. Mulrooney, R. Murray, R. Natividad, J. Nishime, D. Patel, B. Perez, S. Rodriguez,
R. Shabazz, J. Shankweiler, D. Shrader, D. Vakil, J. Wagstaff
Other Guests: W. Warren
A. Notes of 12/13/12: Distributed.
B. CEC Update:
 Athletic Director is retiring. Position will be changed to include some student
development/student activity responsibilities.
 Ongoing faculty negotiations.
 Richette Bell was introduced as the Director-Admissions & Records.
 Begun to see first group of students who are applying for AA/AAT degree. Going
through process of meeting with counselor and submitting graduation petition.
 Peak registration will begin soon. There has been an increase in students meeting with
C. PBC Update: D. Patel provided an update of the meeting on 1/17/13:
 Reviewed program review plans for next steps.
 Reviewed information about CDC closure.
 List of priorities prepared by VPs for funding – block grant and bond funds. All
funding prioritized go through process.
 The radio system on campus will be upgraded which will be added to the list for
D. Academic Senate Update: C. Gold reported on Academic Senate:
 BP 4021 - Program Discontinuance will be completed by the end of the spring
 DE Task Force – will meet to discuss accreditation issue regarding DE courses.
 Faculty representatives are needed for Academic Senate and Ed Policy Committee.
 Faculty representatives are needed for the crisis team from ECC and CEC.
E. Announcements:
A. The annual SSTARS breakfast will be on 3/1/13 in the East Dining Room.
B. “Lunch with the Dean/Director” will match students with a dean or director. It will
provide an opportunity to mentor students for a day.
C. The status update deadline for plan builder is 1/31/13. I. Graff requested to include
an update on accomplishments of goals and objectives.
D. Plan builder training will be available at CEC. I. Graff will assist in training.
E. H. Parnock is working on new campus map. J. Nishime will meet with the group this
week to finalize district map.
F. ITS will work on issues regarding the server and some equipment across campus. It
has not affected student registration.
G. Commencement will be held at Murdock Stadium this year. Committee will meet to
discuss options for the football season. Construction will affect cost of renting a
A. Accreditation Timeline: The accreditation self-evaluation timeline was reviewed. The
first draft is due by the end of spring 2013. The editing team will collect the report from
both locations and integrate the documents. At the end of summer 2013, the finished
product will be reviewed.
B. Enrollment Management: The Governor’s proposal will provide additional funds for
community colleges which may include enrollment growth. There will possibly be 150160 additional sections for the year for growth. Classes may be added to the fall term but
not to the summer session because of the 30 day requirement (must advertise for 30 days
prior to opening class). F. Arce will meet with each dean about potential growth funds
when a decision is made at the state level.
F. Arce reminded the deans to cancel low enrolled classes. The College does not want
low enrolled classes while turning down students in high demand classes.
C. SLO Rubrics: The three parts of the rubric for evaluating institution effectiveness are: (1)
program review (2) planning (3) student learning outcomes. Modifications were added in
the rubrics as shown in italics:
 Decision making includes dialogue on the results of assessment and is purposefully
directed toward “aligning institution-wide practices to support and improve” student
 Comprehensive assessment reports exists are completed “and updated” on a regular
 “Evaluation of student learning outcomes processes.”
A. Child Development Center – The January Board agenda included the Child Development
Center as an information item. F. Arce prepared a proposal for the closure of the Center.
In the last four years, the deficit grew to $875,000 due to declined enrollment and
revenue. Only ten ECC students use the Center at this time. Faculty and staff do not use
the Center. F. Arce, G. Miranda, and S. Parvis will prepare options for the Board to
The next Council of Deans will meet 2/14/13 from 8:30-10:00 a.m. in the Alondra Room.