Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs EL CAMINO COLLEGE

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
NOVEMBER 14, 2013
Present: F. Arce, R. Bell, C. Fitzsimons, W. Garcia, E. Geraghty, C. Gold, I. Graff, A. Grigsby,
D. Hayden, A. Hernandez, O. Hyacinth, B. Klier, T. Lew, G. Miranda, R. Natividad, J. Nishime,
D. Patel, B. Perez, V. Rapp, S. Rodriguez, R. Shabazz, J. Shankweiler, D. Shrader, J. Sims
A. Notes of 10/24/13: Distributed and reviewed.
II. B. Summer Unit Limitation: The final motion was to keep the unit limitation at eight
units. This was not a final decision. The VPs did not agree with the decision and
felt the limitation should be higher.
II. D. Program Review: Program review will complete ten twenty reviews this
III. A.1. Announcements: The Board was concerned about the many years of loss and
the District subsidized $2 $1.28 million.
B. High Schools: A list of high school events for the year was distributed. The list is
tentative and events will continue to be added. All district schools have been informed
about the Student Success Initiative. New in-district students have priority registration.
In addition to counselors to help at the high schools, Student Service technicians will be
hired to assist with assessment and orientation.
Performing Arts provides complimentary tickets for students to see the quality of its
program. The Art Department Open House is held annually to the community and to
attract potential students. F. Arce suggests using student ambassadors as tour guides.
Faculty interested in participating in high school visitations should contact R. Dreizler.
Two goals for spring 2014: (1) make up the deficit of 421 FTES (2) early start date and
increase growth. The goal is 105% at census. It is important that faculty complete the no
show report so new students can add classes.
C. CEC Update: B. Perez provided an update:
 Lighting ceremony will take place on 12/17/13.
 Unused funds will be used to clear areas where pathways are torn up.
 LRC open house is scheduled for 4/15/14. The plan is to move in during spring break.
 Construction will begin next year on the Allied Health Building.
 Notice was sent out early to students that the last day to drop is 11/15/13.
 Hiring committees are ongoing.
 Annual Transfer and Career Day with Compton Unified and Compton Center. Forty
universities and 30 employers were present.
D. PBC Update: D. Patel provided an update of the meeting on 11/7:
 Reviewed the fiscal management self-evaluation. Accounting will take lead to write a
 PBC evaluation results were distributed. The review will be done once a year.
 A recommendation was submitted to President Fallo to reconsider closure of the Child
Development Center.
 Internal report – engage faculty in program plans which are due 11/15/13. Unit plans
are due 1/31/14.
E. Academic Senate Update: C. Gold provided an update of the last meeting:
 The Plenary Session was held for faculty on student success. Three presentations
included: C. Gold – changing the mission of community colleges, J. Nishime –
Student Success Initiative, and F. Arce – Completion Agenda.
 C. Gold attended the statewide plenary. There were resolutions to improve processes,
language, and accreditation.
 At the next Senate meeting, the first reading on AP 7160 – Professional Development
will take place. It was reviewed by the Senate, Faculty Development, and VP Beam.
A. Accreditation: The follow-up accreditation visit for the progress report submitted in
October took place on 11/14/13. The team member was Don Warkentin, President of
West Hills Lemore in Fresno.
It was reported that D. Warkentin was not sure why the College is on warning status.
B. Program Review: 14 out of 20 program reviews were reviewed by the committee. Four
final drafts have been submitted so far. All areas were given a due date. It was noted
that CEC is on track.
The challenge is the need to find a systemized method of prioritization at the division
level. It was noted some new faculty are not familiar with program review. It was
suggested to hold working sessions with six to eight people. Early orientation is
recommended to assist faculty with interpretation of the program review template. In the
beginning of the fall semester, Janet Young provided a check-off list which was
C. SLO: PLOs are in TracDat and 98% are completed. Training, drop-in, and working
sessions have been scheduled.
The deadline for submitting SLO statements is 11/22/13. 39 programs completed
revisions. 27 of 39 are in TracDat and ready to go. For those submitted after the
deadline date, it will be put in TracDat by 12/3/13. It will allow sufficient time for
faculty to include in their syllabi for spring.
A. Agenda items for next meeting: Maximum units for summer session.