Nomination form Review Panel for Core Generic and Communication Skills

Nomination form
Review Panel for Core Generic and Communication Skills
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The panel will reflect a balance of the sector, including industry, education, Māori, Pasifika,
and other stakeholders.
Please outline your skills, knowledge, and experience in the form below.
Skills, knowledge, and experience required of each applicant
Understanding of best practice in assessment
Knowledge of and experience with the unit
standards for review
Understanding of the needs of the target group
for the unit standards
Commitment to open communication,
collaborative problem-solving, and team work
Commitment to share expertise and perspectives
for the common goal of the group and not
retrench to representative agendas
Other relevant experience, knowledge or skills
Collective skills, knowledge, and experience required of the review panel
Sector knowledge and/or experience
Understanding of the NZQF
Experience in specific sectors or modes, such as
Māori, Pasifika, international, distance, and
Credibility with NZQA and relevant stakeholder
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Attach any further information and/or documents that support your nomination.
If you wish to nominate a referee(s), please complete the form below.
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For further information on this review contact:
Michele Miller
Qualifications Development Facilitator
NZQA National Qualifications Services
04 463 3338
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