Library Wireless Internet Access

Library Wireless Internet Access
Please follow these instructions step by step and complete the Proxy settings to be able to
use the wireless internet.
1) Please ensure your Wireless is active and running on your laptop and all the correct drivers
are installed.
2) Double click the Wireless icon on the bottom right corner.
3) Connect to the Student-Access network and make sure it is connected.
Please note: Make sure your signal strength is good. If you cannot connect to the student
network it will either be that the Wireless Student-Access is under construction or your
Wireless network is switched off.
4) Open either Internet Explorer or Firefox.
5) Navigate to to receive the following webpage
Please select the browser that you are using, Firefox or Internet Explorer and follow the ICS
instructions for the Proxy settings.
Internet Explorer:
From the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options'
Click the 'Connections' tab and then click on the 'LAN Settings' button
Under the 'Proxy server' heading, tick 'Use proxy server for your LAN'
In the 'Address' box, type
In the 'Port' box, type 3128
Please make sure that there are no spaces.
Click Ok Twice.
Close and restart Internet Explorer
o From
the 'Tools menu', select 'Options'.
o Firefox
 Click
the 'General' button and then the 'Connection Settings' button
at the bottom of the dialog box.
o Firefox
 Click
the 'Advanced' icon, then the 'Network' tab, and then inside the
'Connection' box click the 'Settings' button.
o Click
the 'Manual proxy configuration' button.
In the 'HTTP Proxy' box, type
In the 'Port' box, type 3128
Please make sure that there are no spaces.
Your web browser should now be configured for logged internet access.
You will still require to register to gain access to the resource.
6) Please exit the web browser and re-open Firefox/Internet Explorer.
7) Navigate to
8) You will receive the POPUP here-under.
9) Please enter your registered Student/Staff username and password.
10) Internet access will now be available.
Please note, if using Internet Explorer and you are constantly receiving the Windows
Security with username and password POPUP or the ICS webpage, please follow these steps.
Try to navigate to a different webpage for example if this
does not solve the problem continue to step 11.1 below:
Navigate to Internet options
Navigate to “Advanced” tab and click on “Restore advanced settings” and
then on “Reset...”.
Close Internet Explorer and repeat step 5 - 5.1