Exercise 18-D: Ethical Stance

Exercise 18-D: Ethical Stance
Are the following ethical or unethical in your opinion? Why or why not? Consider individually and discuss in small groups.
 Calling in sick when you really are not.
 Taking office supplies home for professional use.
 Cheating on a test.
 Turning someone in for cheating on a test or paper.
 Overcharging on your company expenses report.
 Trying to flirt your way out of a speeding ticket.
 Splicing cable from your neighbor.
 Surfing the net on company time.
 Cheating on income tax.
 Lying (ex aggregating) about yourself to influence someone of the opposite sex.
 Looking at pornographic sites on the web through the company network.
 Lying about your education on a job application.
 Lying about experience in a job interview.
 Making a copy of rental video cassette before returning it to the store.